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Welcome to our world!

We literally feel as if we wandered into a better life!  Although we were pushed there with the crazy reality of having a disease, we are both extremely grateful for the journey that we have been on and the new reality of wellness we are creating for ourselves and our children.

This website is a way to share our story and we hope that our experience will allow you to question and look at your disease/health/lifestyle from a different perspective.  The blog will be about our continued journey as we learn about this new lifestyle, but it will also be about our recollections on the difficult times and how we were able to muster through them (in other words, our therapy).

Thank you for checking out  We look forward to having conversations with you in the future!


1 thought on “Welcome to our world!”

  • A great blog! I enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to checking out your resources. Thanks for sharing your story.

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