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The “juice” question?

I have been asked a few times about what I mean by “juice” on my lifestyle page.  I thought it was worth some clarification.

All the juice I drink is vegetable juice.  We purchased a twin gear juicer (picture attached) and we make our own juice most mornings and evenings (and by ‘we’ I mean mostly Maribeth, my juicing queen).  Now that I’m putting this picture of our juicer on this site, it almost feels like I should have a name for ‘her’.  I have no idea why, but from this moment on I’m going to call her Sheila for referencing purposes.

It is very important to note that I steer away from juicing most fruits.  Most fruits have a lot of natural sugar which has a very acidic effect on your body.  The exceptions I make are lemons and limes.  While these are acidic fruits, they have a very alkalizing affect on your body.  I will throw in half of an apple once in awhile to change up the flavor, but mostly I do all green veggies.  If you are just starting to juice, you can also use carrots, beets and bell peppers for some sweeter flavor.  Please note that these are more acidic then green veggies so use them sparingly.  Sheila does most of her work with cucumbers, celery, lettuces, kale, red cabbage, zucchini, broccoli and parsley.  We also add a chunk of ginger root to most of our juices for flavor, but use sparingly or Sheila will make it burn!

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There is a link on our ‘resources’ page for more information on types of juicers (Sheilas).

Happy Juicing!


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