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Appreciation for the Simple Things

Would I be able to appreciate all of the little things in life if I had not endured these past few years?  I don’t think so.  Sitting in bed on a lazy Sunday morning talking to my husband as we both wake up, we are both reflecting on struggles we both have in our current state of life.  Ryan, the desire to be more engaged with me and the kids, our friends, our community;  me, the struggle that I continually have with being kind to the people that matter the most.  I am humbled by his willingness to reflect and to ask the tough questions that we both need to find the answers to.  But more than anything, I am thankful that we are asking these questions, that we are having these conversations and that we are both much more present in this life.


1 thought on “Appreciation for the Simple Things”

  • I love that you can have those conversations. I love that I’m married to someone who’ll have those tough conversations too! It’s what makes us strong and it’s what will make our lives meaningful and fulfilled. Thanks for sharing your wandering with all of us!

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