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How an Amazon recommendation changed my life…


In February of 2013, I had recently started on a paleo diet and I had begun to notice changes. The positive changes ignited my curiosity and my desire to find out more about how I could tweak my diet even further in that direction. Somewhere on the internet I read about monitoring your pH balance and how you should be slightly alkaline if you were healthy. It mentioned you could get pH strips to test your saliva and/or urine. I figured it couldn’t hurt to determine where I landed on this scale. So on to Amazon I went for pH strips…

I found some basic strips for a decent price and I got the standard ‘people who bought <product A> also bought <product B>’. It recommended a book, ‘The pH Miracle, Balance your diet, Reclaim your health’, by Robert Young and Shelley Young. It was reasonably priced. I bought it.

The book taught me about how our bodies are slightly alkaline by design and acidic by function. Eating, exercise and stress all produce acid in our body. Our body has natural ways to deal with this acidity. If this acidity gets built up too much and our body can’t rid itself of it, it can be in a constant state of acidity. If this occurs, you are creating an environment in your body where bacteria and disease can take hold and thrive. It also becomes difficult for your immune system to function properly.

Well, this all hit pretty close to home for me. When I tested my pH balance it was not good (5.5). It seemed that everything they were saying might indeed be true for me. The book listed dairy products and meat as the top two sources of acidity from food. It also broke down the basics of how to eat extremely alkaline to start to re-balance your pH levels. This meant little to no meat and lots of vegetables (this is where I was introduced to juicing vegetables). It also stressed the importance of drinking lots of alkaline water (which has had the biggest impact). It also stressed getting healthy essential oils (extra virgin olive and coconut to name my favorite) and mineral salts (salts can be good? this was news to me). The book is also full of testimonials from people who were in dire states of health and turned it around by switching to this lifestyle.

The punch line is this, it has also worked for me. I won’t say I have taken every detail in the book as gospel, but the fundamental ideas and direction makes sense to me. More importantly, it has completely changed my life!

Meat is no longer a part of my regular diet (I will have fish once or twice a month) and I eat lots of green vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes. I eat fruit as well, but as this was third on the list of dietary acid sources, I try not to overdue it. My pH balance hasn’t moved a ton. I’m between 6.0-6.5 most mornings (7 is neutral, 7.2 is ideal). The difference in how I feel, however, makes this lifestyle worth it each and every day!

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