Mothering Myself

In a society preoccupoed with how best to raise a child
I’m finding a need to mesh what’s best for my children with what’s
necessary for a well balanced mother.

I’m recognizing that ceaseless giving translates into giving yourself

And, when you give yourself away, you’re not a healthy mother and
you’re not a healthy self.

So, now I’m learning to be a woman first and a mother second.
I’m learning to just experience my own emotions
Without robbing my children of their individual dignity by feeling
their emotions too.

I’m learning that a healthy child will have his own set of emotions
and characteristics that are his alone.

And, very different from mine.
I’m learning the importance of honest exchanges of feelings because
pretenses don’t fool children,

They know their mother better than she knows herself.

I’m learning that no one overcomes her past unless she confronts it.
Otherwise, her children will absorb exactly what she’s attempting to

I’m learning that words of wisdom fall on deaf ears if my actions
contradict my deeds.

Children tend to be better impersonators than listeners.
I’m learning that life is meant to be filled with as much sadness and
pain as happiness and pleasure.

And allowing ourselves to feel everything life has to offer is an
indicator of fulfillment.

I’m learning that fulfillment can’t be attained through giving myself

But, through giving to myself and sharing with others,
I’m learning that the best way to teach my children to live a fulfilling
life is not by sacrificing my life.

It’s through living a fulfilling life myself.
I’m trying to teach my children that I have a lot to learn
Because I’m learning that letting go of them
Is the best way of holding on.

~ Christiane Northrup, M.D. in Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

I’m sharing this tonight as I struggle with being a parent. I’ve never done this (parenting) before and it is hard. I want to do my best with them, but I also don’t want to get lost in the process or lose them in the process. I don’t want to push my baggage onto them as it is not theirs to carry. I want them to create their own life – full and rich, creative and alive. And I want that for myself as well. Mothering . . . best and most difficult job I’ve ever had.


quote one

Universal Spirit is at work peacefully. And your attemp to rush it or tug new life into the full creative flower will destroy the entire process. So trust in this wisdom to move at its own pace, and make no demands upon it.



I think about posting to this blog every single day. ┬áBut I don’t post anything for a variety of reasons that I will share with you now:
1. I would like to rev-vamp our website so it looks more appealing and professional and beautiful
2. Is what I have to share even meaningful?
3. Who is “wandering to wellness” and what do we want to bring to the world?
4. What if I make a typo?
5. What if I’m too vulnerable?
6. Etc, etc, etc. I could go on, but you get the idea

So I don’t post my bread experiment and I don’t post some other great recipes that I have found and I don’t post my amazingly deep thoughts and I simply don’t post. I am stuck between this place of wanting perfection and wanting it to be something so amazing that the blog will take off like wild fire. But it will never be perfect and it will never take off if I don’t start posting my recipes, experiments and random thoughts about life.

For the last few yoga classes that I have taught, I have shared cards from Danielle LaPorte’s Truth Bomb Deck. This morning as I opened the box to share a few cards with my students, the card that was on top was this:


I will take this as a sign and will start posting and putting myself out there and all of the other things will come in time.

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