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If you watch one movie this holiday season…

PLEASE make it “Food Matters” (Available for streaming on Netflix). View Trailer Here I can hear most of you now: “That sounds REALLY interesting…” , “Why would I want to sit and watch a movie about food?” Well I say to that, You have NOTHING to […]

8 year old girl, helping her cancer fight through diet.

The point of starting this blog was to raise awareness that nutrition has to be a consideration when dealing with disease in your body.  I would never claim that it is a cure all or that it is ever the only thing you should do […]

Admitting you’re wrong . . .

I stumbled across this article and I love it for many reasons.  The most important reason being that this doctor admits that what he has been telling his patients for many years, has been wrong.  I admire that he is willing to evaluate his work […]

Good Karma!

Sometimes you just need good karma . . . I feel like I have some little guardian angels watching over me this morning. Yesterday, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by all of the food, meal prep, planning that takes place in my little world.  I […]

Appreciation for the Simple Things

Would I be able to appreciate all of the little things in life if I had not endured these past few years?  I don’t think so.  Sitting in bed on a lazy Sunday morning talking to my husband as we both wake up, we are […]

The “juice” question?

I have been asked a few times about what I mean by “juice” on my lifestyle page.  I thought it was worth some clarification. All the juice I drink is vegetable juice.  We purchased a twin gear juicer (picture attached) and we make our own […]

Welcome to our world!

We literally feel as if we wandered into a better life!  Although we were pushed there with the crazy reality of having a disease, we are both extremely grateful for the journey that we have been on and the new reality of wellness we are […]

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